We help early-stage game changing blockchain startups reach their true potential.

2Moon Capital is supporting cryptocurrency start-ups with talented teams who target disrupting specific niches of the web3 space and aim to have real-world potential to enrich our daily life outside of blockchains.

  • Our Story

    Started as a small group of crypto believers in early 2018 and continued to be involved in more projects as our community grow. In late 2020 we joined hands with more experienced investors, reputable KoLs and well-accomplished financial consultants who hold the same firm belief.

  • Our Mission

    Web3.0 and Metaverse is here to stay. We are devoted to help early-stage game-changing Metaverse startups reach their unlimited ceilings. 2Moon Capital is a group of investors within the South East Asia crypto community

About us

Founded in early 2021, our team consists of multinational digital nomads, who are based in Singapore, Shanghai, and New York City. Our team comprises of professionals in both Computer Science and Gaming, who have worked at Bloomberg and gaming startups. We also have a number of marketing veterans from Asia, as well as UI/UX design experts. Given our vast experience in distributed systems research, we can provide counsel on even the most sophisticated R&D matters.

Executive Team

  • Profile Photo

    Leo Dung

    Bitcoin Miner since 2015

    Private Equity Partner
  • Profile Photo

    Kagari Vo

    Founder of AAA game studio

    Crypto OG since 2013
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    Tina Shaw

    Professional Product designer

    UI/UX design experts
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    Della Chan

    Business Analyst

    Equity Research